Yvette Cortez is a jewelry designer-maker born in Houston, Texas. Yvette Cortez started her career as a personal shopper and stylist while in fashion design school. As the lead stylist in local music video shoots and photo shoots, Yvette partnered with a number of notable photographers in Houston, emerging models, and other creatives across artistic disciplines to create powerful and memorable images. Her interest in fashion led her to years of high-end retail experience where she built rapport and established connections with diverse clientele. 

Believing that adornments are the final touches to an ensemble.

Yvette completed several jewelry design courses in Brooklyn and Houston to learn jewelry making techniques. She then began to make unisex, one-of-a-kind pieces by hand and launched her own jewelry brand, SalMiel, in 2013. 
As part of her training, Yvette most recently completed the renowned Jewelry Design program at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York where she lived for over 10 years. During her studies, Yvette refined and integrated craftsmanship, professional design, digital literacy, and best business practices.
Yvette is a celebrated Houston creative and her brand SalMiel is known for its philosophy on earth materials, sustainability, and legacy and its nod to her Mexican heritage. Her ultimate goal is to create meaningful pieces and capture timeless moments through storytelling that has a lasting impact.